Choose Your Words Wisely

Here’s your bonus blog for Saturday with a little humor.

Have you heard about the two brothers, Bob and Richard?  Neither had married.  Richard lived with their 88-year-old mother. Bob’s whole life was Annabelle his cat.  He never went anywhere without her.

One day he was faced with a terrible decision. He had to go to London, England, on business for his company and he couldn’t take Annabelle.  He didn’t want to leave her at a kennel.  Finally he decided to trust his brother with the cat while he was away. He gave Richard detailed instructions, schedules, food.  Everything he needed to care for Annabelle. Bob flew to London and called Richard every day to make sure Annabelle was OK.

On the fourth day when he called, Bob asked, “How’s Annabelle?” Richard bluntly said. “Annabelle is dead.”

Well, as you can imagine, Bob nearly had a heart attack. When he recovered, he said to Richard, “That was the most cruel thing I’ve ever heard. You know how much I loved that cat. Why couldn’t you have broken it to me gently?

You could have something like, “Well, she’s OK, but she’s up on the roof.” And then when I called the next time, tell me, “Ooooh, I’ve got some bad news.  She fell off the roof and she’s at the vet.” And then the next time break the news that she passed away. At least I would have been a little prepared for the bad news.”

“Yes, you are right Bob. I’m sorry.  I apologize for being so heartless.” Bob accepted Richard’s apology and then said, “Oh, by the way, how’s Mom?”

Richard said, “Well, Bob, she’s OK, but she’s on the roof!”

The Moral?

“Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person” (Col. 4:6, NASU)

Have a great Saturday!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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6 responses to “Choose Your Words Wisely

  1. Sandra Jo, church of Christ, Pine Bluff, AR

    Being perfectly blunt……..this is hilarious! I’ll never forget a past preacher of ours who was approached by my newly baptized husband, “Max, how can you tell the truth when someone comes up to you with a new baby and says ‘isn’t she beautiful’, when she isn’t?” Max answered, “I just say ‘that’s a baby, alright’ and smile.”


  2. Rachel Thompson

    Funny, I first heard this story from my boss at the Cat Hospital of Fort Myers. We would refer to pets with grave prognosis as “on the roof.” Great reminder of being truthful yet gentle. Thanks!


  3. Erma Lambert

    That was too funny!!! Love a good joke with a moral


  4. Faloria Jones

    Funny, but a great lesson.


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