What’s The Future for Today’s Youth?

Today’s youth are often depicted as selfish.  Uncaring.  Hedonistic. Egotistic.  We often see news stories about drug and alcohol abuse.  There are movies, songs and shows that picture today’s youth in a negative light.  Too often older people shake their heads lamenting, “What’s this younger generation coming to?”  Well, here’s what I think.

 I think things may not be as bad as some would lead us to believe.  I have been privileged to be associated with some of the finest young people in the world.  Those who are some wonderfully caring, compassionate, and servant minded. 

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  A day finding encouragement in our young people. 

I began by speaking to the chapel assembly at Florida College.  500 young people enthusiastically praised God in song.  They listened with courtesy, interest and reverence.  And expressed appreciation for my remarks.  They demonstrated respect for themselves, for others and for God by their dress, speech and demeanor. 

Early in the evening I attended a Rotary district speech contest the featured 5 young people from area High Schools.  They spoke of community service.  Self sacrifice.  And seeking to make a difference in their community, as well as other parts of the world. 

Then I ended the day enjoying the NCAA men’s basketball final.  Two fine teams competed with intensity.  They played hard.  But fair and clean.  In a highly emotional atmosphere, they played within themselves and demonstrated good sportsmanship. 

Three totally different venues.  Different settings.  Different skills and abilities.  But I thought of something they all had in common.  Fine young people.  Studying. Working. Caring. Adding value to society. 

I recently came across a study that collected  data from 112,232 entering college freshmen with some surprising results.
◆Almost 80 percent of college freshmen believe in God.
◆More than two-thirds of them pray.
◆ More than 70 percent say they wrestle with the question of life’s deeper meaning and want their college experience to help them in their struggle.
◆40 percent say it is very important to follow religious teaching in their everyday life in the classroom and workplace. 

From the viewpoint of the Christian influence that our young people can have in society, I believe there is hope.  There are opportunities to share our faith.  There are other young people who are willing to listen. They are seeking. Searching.  And looking for meaning and purpose to their lives. 

Indeed there are some big challenges the next generation faces, but they are being prepared to deal with them.  To young people, I would say, as Paul said to Timothy, “Let no one despise your youth.”  And to those of us who are older, let us encourage the young.  Teach them. Equip them.  And maybe most importantly, set before them a Christian example of faith, hope and love. 

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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5 responses to “What’s The Future for Today’s Youth?

  1. I appreciated your thoughts about the young people who live around us. We see them serving us at restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, and other work places. Many of them have a smile, do not complain and clearly seem to be enjoying life. Like in most situations the young ones who are doing hurtful and harmful things to themselves and others are the ones we hear the most about. While, on the other hand the great majority of our youth are caring, kind, serving and doing wonderful things in our community! Paul told Timothy how to show others that his youth should not be despised: “be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (I Tim. 4:12)! Sounds like a lot of young people I know!

  2. mslilram06

    I really appreciate your thoughts. Nearly all the young people I know are like you describe. I love young people and I believe being around them keeps people like us young! I so enjoy all your positive and uplifting words.

  3. reymund

    it’s good to read and copy all the article you have maid brother, God bless

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