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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Faces Around the Cross: The Pathetic Pilate

PilateMax Lucado calls it “the most famous trial in history.”

And the Judge?  A man unqualified for the job.  His position was the result of the right connections.  And a fortuitous marriage to Claudia Proclua, whose father was Tiberius, the Roman Emperor.

So in A.D. 26 Pontus Pilate was appointed governor of Judea.  He was responsible for maintaining law and order in the raucous land filled with Jews that hated Rome.  He handed out justice. And collected taxes.

Historians describe him as tactless. Stubborn. Cruel.  Censorious. Demanding. Self-justifying.  Tyrannical.  And disrespectful of religion. Pilate was everything that Jesus wasn’t. Continue reading


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