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The Day of the Lord

In July, Norma Jean and I are going to Israel with Barry Britnell and the Florida College Hutchinson Bell group.

In the past several months we have been reading, planning, and preparing, for the day we leave. To help us, Barry has been sending emails with suggestions to help us get ready. And in each email, he’s counting down the days. Continue reading


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Is the Rapture Coming Tomorrow?

The world won’t end (Saturday), “but the world as we know it is ending,” David Meade, told the Washington Post in a recent interview.

Meade is a self-described “specialist in research and investigations.” Apparently, his doomsday claim has some people nervously eyeing tomorrow, September 23, 2017, as the beginning of catastrophic events that will begin to befall Earth. His claims have been reported in Newsweek, Fox News, the Huffington Post and several other media outlets. Continue reading


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Judgment Day is Coming

W. C. Fields (1880-1946) was an American comedian, actor, and writer. He was quick with a witty quip. And could make audiences roar with laughter. Ironically it is said that Fields was “chronically unhappy. “

As an avowed atheist, religion played no part in Field’s life. He “regarded all religions with the suspicion of a seasoned con man.”

However, late in his life when he faced the reality of death, the story is told of a friend visiting Fields and found him reading the Bible. Continue reading


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