Heard Any Good News Lately?

For the past several days the news media has played and replayed the senseless, horrific, inhumane beating of a black man in Memphis by five black ex-cops, who have since been charged with second degree murder.

In addition to that sickening story we’ve heard about…

…the murder trial of a prominent South Carolina man accused of killing his wife and son.

…a California mass shooting.

…another California mass shooting.

…a Texas youth pastor arrested in a prostitution sting.

…10 people wounded in a Lakeland, Florida, shooting

…a pregnant New York woman and unborn baby killed at the hands of a drunk driver–her fiancée.

…corruption at the highest levels.

…and more illegal aliens entering our country bringing dangerous drugs.

And the list goes on and on ad nauseam.

It prompts us to ask, “Heard any good news lately?”

Of course, the news media most often focuses on bad news. It seems the old adage “if it bleeds, it leads,” is still widely practiced today. Yet, there’s a lot of a good news all around us.

Do you know…

…how many people have volunteered to serve their local communities in the past year?

…how many dollars have been contributed to charity?

…how many preachers have gone into foreign fields preaching the gospel?

…how many random acts of kindness have been shown by total strangers?

…how many messages of the Gospel’s Good News have been proclaimed from pulpits around the world?

…how many children have been adopted by Christian families?

…how many cops have been ambassadors of good will, serving their communities and lending a helping hand where ever needed?

…how many people have gone to work every day, doing their job, earning an honest living and adding to our economy?

….how many mothers and fathers are raising their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord,” teaching them to love God, and other people?

…how many men and women have celebrated 1, 2, or 10 years of sobriety as they attend AA meetings every week, encouraging others to remain sober?

…how many young people are shunning the lusts of the flesh, seeking to obey God, and preparing for a life of Christian service?

…how many churches continue to stand for Truth, reject error, and proclaim the untainted gospel of Christ, week after week, as they encourage one another “to love and good works”?

…how many doctors, nurses and health care providers have tirelessly worked in the past week to provide comfort, care and healing for their patients?

…how many Christians have quietly gone about their business every day with no fanfare or recognition living ‘soberly, righteously and godly” in this wicked world, emulating the character of Christ?

Do you know how many? I don’t either. But I know there’s a lot of good that exists. Every day. I see it. I read about it. I hear about it. I experience it. I’m told the stories.

Too often we become consumed by the 24/7 negative, news cycle of cable TV and internet news, and allow our minds to be skewed by thinking people and the world is worse than it is.

In the midst of a corrupt Roman culture the Bible offers this admonition to first century Christians, and by implication and application to each of us in our 21st century world.

“Finally, brothers…
…whatever is true…
…whatever is honorable,
…whatever is just,
…whatever is pure,
…whatever is lovely,
…whatever is commendable,
…if there is any excellence,
…if there is anything worthy of praise,
…think about these things” (Phil. 4:8).

Changing our thinking won’t change the evil in the world, but it will change us. It will change how we view the world. How we see other people. How we act and react. How we respond. And will provide a more balanced perspective.

Heard any good news lately?

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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7 responses to “Heard Any Good News Lately?

  1. Don Truex

    Ken. Just an outstanding post. Thx so much. Trust you are feeling better day by day. Don

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  2. Sharon Davis

    Thank you for this wonderful, encouraging message. Praying your health becomes a non issue.


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  4. barryburns

    How many blog writers, upholding the Word of God, tirelessly for the encouragement of his fellow man? I know of at least one. Thank you God for using your servant in this way.


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