Friday’s List To Live By #88

In his neat book, “How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free,” Ernie J. Zelinski, has a chapter entitled, “Happiness Doesn’t Care How You Get There.”

In it, he encouraged retired people to stay active, engaged, and energized. He says it’s not a time to sleep, watch TV, sit in a rocking chair, or “follow the herd.” Rather make positive lifestyle choices that will produce personal satisfaction and true happiness.

Here are some of the questions Zelinki says we ought to ask ourselves at least once a year.

♦Am I in control of my lifestyle?

♦Do I make the most of my money to give me the best quality of life?

♦What can I achieve in my retirement that would make me proud?

♦What can I do that is unique?

♦Do I devote sufficient time to see my close friends?

♦Do I watch too much TV?

♦Do my time commitments allow me to make a contribution to making this world a better place?

♦Am I developing spiritually as a human being?

♦Do I complain too much?

♦Am I as grateful as I should be for what I have in my life?

♦Am I continuing to learn something new?

♦Do I take enough time to meditate and keep my mind in tiptop shape?

♦What will make me feel better?

♦Do I have everything I need to be happy but don’t realize it?

Honestly answering these questions will help you realize the entreaty of the Psalmist. “They shall still bear fruit in old age;  They shall be fresh and flourishing” (Ps 92:14).

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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