Weekly Recap: March 21-26

Good morning from Beverly  Hills FL

One of my Northern friends asked the other say, “Are you enjoying Florida?”

“It’s great,” I replied.

Especially this time of year.  Weather-wise the lows are in the upper 50’s or lower 60’s.  Then it warms up to around 80 during the day.

But it’s even greater being closer to our grandkids.  And of course, our kids too!

We’ve placed membership with a good church family at West Citrus in Crystal River. And are able to assist in preaching and teaching while we’re here.  So, we’re very blessed.

We send out this recap every week, to give our readers an opportunity to catch up on any post you have missed.  Also, I add a bonus post each week.    Plus we’re adding to readers every week, for which we’re thankful.

A feature, I hope you’ve noticed are links I’ve been adding to most posts that will provide additional study material and resources.  Hopefully, that is helpful.

Have a great weekend.  And wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow.

God bless,



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This post was published 9 years ago today in our first year of publication, so most of you have probably never seen it.  It’s entitled LOVE BUSTERS.  It contains some valuable insights that will improve your marriage.  It also offers some additional resources that will add value to enriching your relationship.  I hope all of you will read it.  Click here, to learn about six serious Love Busters that are common in many marriages.



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  1. Have a great weekend! Blessings


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