Sunday Seed Thoughts: Whetting Your Appetite

“Worship does not satisfy our hunger for God–it whets our appetite,” wrote the late American author and theologian, Eugene Peterson.

Think about that a bit as you go to worship services today.

We speak of “going to church.” Or “attending worship.” How about going to worship and praise God? Of coming into His presence in a unique way?

Furthermore, is our attendance at a Sunday assembly our whole spiritual meal for the week? Or are we just receiving a taste of the spiritual menu available to us every day?

The Psalmist exclaimed, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Ps. 34:8). When we join with fellow believers in praise, prayer, and communion, as well as sharing our resources and feeding on God’s Word, we’re just getting a taste of the heavenly gift. And hopefully whetting our appetites for future feasts.

Every day we have the opportunity to taste God’s goodness in our relationship with Him. Through daily Bible study and prayer and hungering and thirsting after righteousness, our souls can be satisfied and sustained. We taste God’s goodness through his providential care, His protective refuge, and the salvation we enjoy in Christ. As we taste God’s mercy, grace, and love throughout our lives, we receive the spiritual sustenance we crave and find true fulfillment.

May your worship today feed your holy hunger with a desire for more.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “Sunday Seed Thoughts: Whetting Your Appetite

  1. Philip North

    Good writing as always, Brother Ken! Many, many individuals do not realize that worshipping God is not for the purpose of exalting one’s own self, but for exalting God. That is why we worship Him. We can only THEN feel satisfied, for we are then satisfying God.


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