Great Verses of the Bible: 1Timothy 2:1-2

In two days Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States. Unless you’re on a total news blackout, you know that this inauguration is being met with protests, demonstrations, and out right defiance in many quarters.

Mr. Trump is entering the Presidency with the lowest approval rating of any President in modern history. At least, that’s what the polls state . To say that his election has been unprecedented and controversial is an understatement.

Throughout the campaign and now even following it, there continues to be an extreme amount of vitriolic language privately, publicly and on social media. It seems that Christians have been more divided in their opinions regarding this election than in any time I can remember.

But on Friday at noon, Mr. Trump will be sworn in as President. Now what?

Maybe more than ever, we need to exercise Paul’s admonition given in 1 Timothy 2:1-2.

“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.”

We often preach about the power of prayer. We read the passage. We talk about it. We suggest it. But, in reality, are we actually practicing it?

There are at least seven Greek nouns for the word prayer. Four of them are found in this passage.

Prayer. This is the most common term for this activity. It is an entreaty addressed to God. It involves communication with God.

Supplication. This word indicates a more intense type of prayer. It is seeking. Asking. Begging. This is much more than just “saying our prayers,” it is pouring out our heart to God.

Intercession. This word can be translated “petition.” It is often used to specify prayer offered on behalf of another person. Intercessory prayer is common among the Old Testament patriarchs and is often employed by Paul as prayed for his fellow laborers and local churches.

Thanksgiving. This is simply an acknowledgement to God for the blessings He has already supplied.

In this text, such prayers are to be offered on behalf of “all men.” Everyone. Family. Friends. And brethren. But, specifically mentioned is for “kings and all who are in authority.” In our country this would include all elected officials. Local. State. And federal. Our Governors. Our Representatives. Our Senators. Our Vice-President. And our President.

One commentator opined, “there is nothing which so tends to allay irritation, to excite compassion, to restrain envy and revenge, to calm the turbulent passions of every kind, as (fervent) prayer.”

Imagine praying for our President instead of picking apart his policies or reacting negatively to his prickly personality or being aggravated over his controversial tweets.

Imagine offering supplication for Congress instead of finding fault with every piece of legislation and unpopular positions they espouse.

Imagine interceding in prayer for all elected officials instead of castigating them on facebook.

Imagine giving thanks for the privileges and blessings we enjoy in our country instead of complaining about the economy or other social ills to all who will hear.

Imagine God’s people united in prayer for “those in authority” instead of being divided by partisan politics.

Prayer, Supplication, Intercession and Thanksgiving provide power and peace for living a purposeful life according to God’s plan. Prayer evicts selfishness. Eliminates envy. Eradicates worry. Expels contention. And defeats the devil. John Newton said, “The devil trembles when he sees the weakest saint on his knees.”

On the brink of a new administration, and a culture that may concern Christians with its carnal tendencies, let’s pray. More than ever.

Someone has said, “We keep asking God to bless America. He already has. Now it’s our turn.”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “Great Verses of the Bible: 1Timothy 2:1-2

  1. David

    If one could look back 8 years ago and exp. with Fox News (who would seem to be the ones who would be critical) even with those people, very little was said detrimental to OUR newly elected President. I promise you that if cable news channels (local and national) had made 75,000 critical remarks about Mr. Obama, his approval ratings would not have been as high as they were…….So I believe the same would have been the results would have been with Mr. Trump!!!!!!

  2. Billie

    All Christians definately need to vote every election. Sometimes we have to pick the best and we like neither. This is one of our duties of living in a free country. We all were looking for change and we are going to get it, I sincerely hope. Lets make sure that we support this new man and let our representatives that we expect the same from them. Christians can make a difference by being involved. Make calls to your representatives. If they have enough call concerning an issue, some of them will listen to us. Lets all be involved and help to turn this country back around again.

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