Southside Lectures

Southside Church

Next week Norma Jean and I will be at the Southside church in Pasadena, Texas, where I will be participating in their 36th annual lecture program.

We are looking forward to being with the Southside brethren as well as many other friends and brethren from all over the United States. I will be joining preaching colleagues, Kenny Moore, Roger Shouse, Don Truex and Tim Stevens, who will be leading the singing each evening. Also we anticipate enjoyable association with their local evangelists, Dee Bowman and Bubba Garner, and their wives.

For most of us who preach this is an exciting opportunity to hear fellow preachers! Too often we are busy with ourMoorer Kenny.2 local work and meetings to find much time to hear other preachers very often, except on recordings.

This will be a wonderful week of fellowship, praise, encouragement, and edification in the Word. If you are within driving distance of Houston, I’m sure you will be blessed by attending. We are looking forward to seeing many of our friends who live in the area.

Here is the schedule for the week.

Monday, June 15

9:30 AM Roger Shouse, “The Vastness and Beauty of God’s Love”Shouse Roger

10:30 AM Ken Weliever, “The Joy of Fellowship with God”

7:00 PM Tim Stevens, Congregational Singing

7:30 PM Don Truex, “The Disastrous Effects of Sin”

8:30 PM Kenny Moorer, “The Wideness of God’s Mercy”

Tuesday, June 16

9:30 AM Kenny Moorer, “The Word Became Flesh”Stevens.Tim

10:30 AM Don Truex, “The Worth of Christ’s Exemplary Life”

7:00 PM Tim Stevens, Congregational Singing

7:30 PM Ken Weliever, “The Plan of God for Salvation”

8:30 PM Roger Shouse, “The Unchangeableness of God’s Word”

Wednesday, June 17

9:30 AM Don Truex, “The Privilege of God-Centered Worship”Truex Don

10:30 AM Roger Shouse, “The Joy of Having Christian Brethren”

7:00 PM Tim Stevens, Congregational Singing

7:30 PM Kenny Moorer, “The Power of the Providence of God”

8:30 PM Ken Weliever, “The Confidence of Hope in Christ”

Thursday, June 18

9:30 AM Ken Weliever, “The Wisdom of God’s Eternal Purpose”KenPic

10:30 AM Kenny Moorer, “The Need for Perseverance”

7:00 PM Tim Stevens, Congregational Singing

7:30 PM Roger Shouse, “The Certainty of God’s Judgment”

8:30 PM Don Truex, “The Grand Assurances of Resurrection”

Southside is led by six men who serve as Shepherds. We thank them for the privilege of being a part of this wonderful lecture program.

See ya’ at Southside, Lord willing!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “Southside Lectures


    Wish you well in your efforts brother. Will you say hello to brother Bowman for me, not sure if he will even remember who I am. I heard him in meetings and lectureship on the West Coast but that has been several years ago. Thank You

    —————————————– Jr. Walker


  2. Todd Clark

    Just finished watching the fc friends concert and saw you in a video clip, very cool

    Todd Clark

    KG5GOJ 73s


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