Cross+Tomb Another day. Another Friday. Another early morning when the rooster crowed. Folks were awakened. There is work to be done. Business to take care of. People to see. Preparations to be made for Sabbath worship.

A neighbor mentioned some commotion going on in the night. Some criminals captured. A late night and early morning meeting of the Sanhedrin. Odd. But there a day’s business ahead. There is a crowd in town and a buzz about a crucifixion. Guess they found that criminal guilty. But there’s things to do and no time to worry about that.

It’s just another Friday. With much to do. And no time to be distracted.

I don’t know if this scene happened or not. It could have. It’s entirely possible. And plausible.

If it did begin that way for some folks, it sure didn’t end that way! For three hours darkness engulfed the land. The earth quaked. Rocks were split into. The veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom. Graves were opened. Dead people were resurrected. Departed saints appeared. And walked into town.

What was going on? I’m sure many wondered? Why? Little did they realize it. Deity died on a cross that Friday. For their sins. For their salvation. For their souls. It wasn’t just another day. It wasn’t just another Friday.

By Sunday everyone was talking about it. The men on the Emmaus road were amazed when a “stranger” asked them, “What are you talking about? And why are you so sad?” Soon their eyes were opened. And now they knew who the “stranger” was! Now, this wasn’t just another Sunday! In fact, this day became more amazing than Friday!

So how about you? Is this just another day? Another Friday? Another day of work? A day to anticipate a week-end of relaxation? Or make preparation for the Memorial day holiday? It may seem like it. But it’s “the day the Lord has made.” It’s a day that by his grace you woke up. Took a breath. And lived. It is a day that when you looked at the calendar you marked time by Him. May 22, 2015 A.D. In the year of our Lord. This day He rules. Reigns. And is King. Regardless of what happens to you today, He is on the throne.

But Sunday’s coming. And what will that day bring for you? A day to sleep in? Rest? Read the paper? Go fishing? Boating?

Of will it be a day of worship. A day to remember that Friday. And that Sunday. To celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of King Jesus. Oh, you’ll be “at church”, eh? Good. What will Sunday bring?

* Deeper devotion ?

* Stronger faith?

* Greater zeal?

* Nobler thoughts?

* Purer living?

* Higher aspirations?

* Expectant blessings?

* Increased love?

* Fuller understanding?

* Intensified commitment?

Is today just another day for you? And will Sunday be just another Sunday?

Or will your faith make them both special in their own way?

Yes, it’s Friday. But Sunday’s coming!

-Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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