The PreachersWord Unpluged!


Two or three times a year we take a break from blogging!

This next week is one of those times.  Norma Jean and I will be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary.  So it is a good time to enjoy a little R & R.

Last year when we took our anniversary trip, she asked, “You’re not going to do your blog on this trip are you?”

“Uh, no! Of course not,” I confidently replied.

“You’re not going to take your computer, are you?”

As I thought about her question, having the gift of perception, I felt strongly compelled to say, “Absolutely not!”

And so it was.

And it was great!

No email.  No blogging.  No facebook.  No social media.

So, this year I didn’t even have to be asked!  I just knew.

It’s good to unplug. Unwind.  Relax.  Just enjoy being together.  And doing whatever you want to do.  Even if it’s doing nothing!

Hmm, I think there is a message in there somewhere, guys!

While we’re taking a break, feel free to catch up on past posts.  Explore old ones.  We have over 700 posts categorized under 130 topics.  So explore the blogsite.  And share with your friends.  We’d love to pick up some new readers during our time off.

And until we return to blogging in September, have a great rest of August!

God bless, my good friends!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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6 responses to “The PreachersWord Unpluged!

  1. Ron Kochik - Cullman Alabama

    Happy Anniversary Ken!! Hope you and your Bride have a super time together. Appreciate all that you do for HIM!!

  2. Dave

    Happy Anniversary Ken & Norma!!! From David & Charlotte. You all are close to us in years haha. Have a great week,you deserve it.

  3. Todd Clark

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. julie davidson

    ENJOY!!!! 🙂 In His love, Julie

  5. Jarred Butler

    Happy Anniversary! Appreciate the hard work on the blog!

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