Do You Know Where You’re Going?


Oliver Wendell Holmes, who lived from 1841 to 1935,  is regarded as one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices of all time.

Justice Holmes was extremely intelligent, highly respected and often quoted.  However, it is said that he was a bit absent-minded, as illustrated by this story.

Apparently, Justice Holmes was riding a train one day, when the railroad Conductor began walking down the car, checking tickets. As the ticket-checker approached, he watched Holmes search his wallet, unable to find his ticket. Frustrated, Holmes then checked each of his pockets. Still no ticket. Continue reading

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Have you heard about the 90-year-old lady who decided buying Christmas gifts was a bit too stressful?

However, she wanted to give her family and friends something.  So she decided to write out a check for everyone and include it in her Christmas card.  With a personal note wishing each a “Merry Christmas” she added, “Buy your own Christmas present this year.”  Signed her name. And sent them off.  Continue reading

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“If You’re Gonna Talk About Jesus….”

jesus-bibleSeveral years ago I heard a true story that a grandfather told about his precocious, 4 year old  grandson, Conner, who loved going to Bible class at church.

One Sunday the teacher announced, “Today we are going to talk about Jesus.”

Immediately little Conner stood up, thrust his hands onto his hips, looked at the teacher and authoritatively replied, Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Kindness


After General Robert E. Lee retired from the military, he was named President of Washington Academy in Lexington, Virginia, where he served from 1865 to 1870.  Later the name of the school was changed to Washington and Lee University to honor General Lee’s service.

While serving as President, a new student came to General Lee’s office and asked for a copy of the student handbook detailing the university’s rules and regulations.   Continue reading

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Jesus: God’s Gracious Gift For Us

Grace.JesusNailed it

Kansas City is the home of H&R Block.   This true story is still floating around about the skeptical winner of their “Million Dollar Giveaway” several years ago.

Anyone who used the company for tax preparation, investment or mortgage service was automatically entered into a drawing for one million dollars. Out of the 17 million entrants, Glen and Gloria Sims of Sewell, N.J. were randomly selected as the winners. They won the prize. But refused it! Continue reading

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What Will Your Obituary Say About You?


One morning in April of 1888 Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, woke up to read his own obituary.

His brother, Ludvig, had died. But a newspaper reporter mistakenly thought it was Alfred and carelessly reported the death of the wrong brother! Anyone would be disturbed under those circumstances to read their own obituary. However, the headline was even more disconcerting to Nobel. It read:  Continue reading


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Just Because You Think It, Doesn’t Make It So!


Have you ever woke up one morning and didn’t know what day it was?

That happened to me. Yesterday.

A little background is in order. Or as my wife, Norma Jean, would say I’m getting ready to make excuses! Continue reading


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