Sunday Seed Thoughts: God is (2)

Seed Thoughts

Last Sunday we noticed some qualities of God from the book The Everyday Guide to God. It lists hundreds of characteristics from A to Z. Let me share a few more for your reflection.

GOD IS…. Continue reading

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Jesus The light

I doubt if you know the name of the Frenchman, Noël Regney, but you will recognize the famous song he penned.

Regney’s life is the remarkable story of a man who was drafted into the Nazi army, but deserted, joined the French Resistance and became a double agent. Later he moved to New York, married Gloria Baker and ultimately became a believer in Jesus. Continue reading

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We All Need A “Storm Home”


On the PBS radio program, Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor, the American author and humorist, once told the story about his “storm home.”

Keillor was entering the seventh grade and the principle, Mr. Detman, was fearful of a winter blizzard that would strand the students. So he assigned each student from the country a “storm home” in town near the school. If a blizzard struck, each child was to go to his or her storm home. Continue reading


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Luke 9.23

Albert Lasker, was a prominent businessman and advertising tycoon who lived in the early 20th century. He became known as “the father of modern advertising.”

The story is told that Lasker requested one of his top executives to move from California to the home office in New York. When the man refused, Lasker tried this approach. Continue reading

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5 Questions about Your Values


What are your core values? To help you think about it, here’s a illustration developed by James Newman in Releasing You Brakes!

Suppose I come to your house with a 120’ I-beam and lay it across your front yard. When you come out, I wave a $100 bill and say if you can cross from one end to the other in less than 2 minutes, I’ll give you the $100. Would you do it? Why not? What have you got to lose? Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Comfort


Ann Weems is an author, poet and lecturer. Her popular book Psalms of Lament, as well as other works are drawn from her personal grief and deep anguish.

“On August 14, 1982, the stars fell from my sky”, writes Weems. “My son Todd had been killed less than an hour after his twenty-first birthday. . . . and I still weep. Continue reading

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Sunday Seed Thoughts: God Is

Seed Thoughts

Several years ago a friend of mine, Judy Baker, gave me a neat little book entitled The Everyday Guide to God. It is a listing of the many qualities and characteristics of God from A-Z with an appropriate Bible verse. Let me share a few for your reflection on this Lord’s Day. Continue reading

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