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Who Will Really Follow Jesus?

Have you ever heard a sermon that you knew was true but was radically challenging to the point of making  you feel uncomfortable?

If not, then listen to Gary Henry’s sermon, “Come to Jesus our Example, from the Southside lectures. If you’ve heard such a lesson, I would suggest adding this one to your must listen list.

Gary’s thesis was following the example of Jesus is more challenging than we usually think of it. Too often we “cherry pick” the scriptures that we like. Isolate the aspects of Jesus that appeal to us. And thus to fail to really see the total picture who Jesus is. And how He serves as our example. Continue reading


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What Matters Most?


This week Norma Jean and I are in Miami where I’m preaching in a meeting for the Carol City church. This congregation was served for 38 years by the well known and highly respected African-American evangelist F. O. White. A number of bro White’s relatives are still members of this congregation including his daughter, Gwen and her husband Donald Jackson who was trained by brother White and now serves as the preacher. Continue reading

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Be Ready To Share


This past week while in Florida we have enjoyed having both our grandsons, Roy and Miles, together. They are very cute together. Playing. Hugging. Laughing. Teaching each other new words. They really get along great.

But like all two-year-olds, they need to be reminded to share their toys, which they do pretty well. Kids can be taught to share. And most do a pretty good job. It’s adults that too often forget they ought to share with others. Continue reading


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A Warning From My Friend Roger: PAY ATTENTION


My friend and preaching colleague Roger Shouse in New Albany, Indiana, publishes a very fine blog entitled Jump Starts Daily. You would both enjoy and profit spiritually from reading it.

Yesterday Roger’s post especially arrested my interest with this two word warning: Pay Attention. The thesis of his post was many Christians lose focus, fail to stay on guard against the wiles of the devil, and are caught up in some sin because they failed to pay attention to the warnings of the Lord. Continue reading

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The Theology of “More”


Last week Norma Jean and I kept our grandson, Miles Carter Weliever, who is almost 2 years ago. His vocabulary is increasing daily, because he will almost always repeat the last word or two or anything you say!

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What Words Describe You?

One of my facebook friends posted this last week.  Look carefully.  What are the first four words you see?  Supposedly they will accurately describe you. Don’t read any farther until you see the four words!

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God Has Called Us to “Be” Something

Be all you can be

John Mason wrote a fine little book entitled “Conquering an Enemy Called Average.”  Each chapter is only two pages, but it is filled with wonderful nuggets of wisdom.  In chapter 42 he simply lists some things we should be.  In looking at these again I noticed how each one involves a Biblical command or principle. So, I’ve added some verses to these for your consideration and encouragement. Continue reading


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