God Has Called Us to “Be” Something

Be all you can be

John Mason wrote a fine little book entitled “Conquering an Enemy Called Average.”  Each chapter is only two pages, but it is filled with wonderful nuggets of wisdom.  In chapter 42 he simply lists some things we should be.  In looking at these again I noticed how each one involves a Biblical command or principle. So, I’ve added some verses to these for your consideration and encouragement.

Be yourself–I Cor. 15:10

Be positive–Phil. 4:13

Be thankful–I Thess. 5:18

Be decisive–Jas. 1:5-6

Be merciful–Matt. 5:7

Be persistent–I Cor. 15:58

Be honest–Prov. 16:11

Be Excellent–Phil 3:8; 4:8

Be Confident–Phil. 1:6

Be Prayerful–Lk. 18:1

Be faithful–Rev. 2:10

Be committed–2 Tim. 4:6-8

Be dedicated–Phil. 1:21

Be focused–Phil. 3:12-14

Be forgiving–Matt 6:14-15

Be enthusiastic–Col. 3:23

Be hopeful–Col. 1:23

Be responsible–Phil. 1:10

Be loyal–Matt. 6:24

Be helpful–Phil. 4:3

Be kind–Eph. 4:32

Be happy–Prov. 16:20

Be courageous–Joshua 1:7

Be generous–2 Cor. 9:7

Be loving–Matt. 22:37-39

Be dependable–Phil. 2:19-21

Be wise–Prov. 4:7

Be holy–I Pet. 1:16

Be obedient–Acts 5:29

Be purposeful–2 Tim. 3:10

Be effective–Phim. 1:6

Be creative–Phil. 1:12-13

Be responsible–Rom. 14:12

Be devoted–I Cor. 16:15

Be patient–I Thess. 5:14

Be optimistic–Rom. 8:28

Be compassionate–I Pet. 3:8

What a list!  That should keep all of us busy for a while!    Once again I am reminded of two things:

First, that the advice of men on how to really excel in life is based on God’s wisdom.  God does not want us to be content with merely being average.  Our God is an awesome God. He wants us to excel. To reach higher.  And be different from the average person around us.

Secondly, we are reminded that being is so much more important than having. The emphasis in our world is often focused on having, accumulating and possessing.  God desires something of greater substance.  He wants us to BE all that we can BE!

Have a great day!  And enjoy working on being above average!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “God Has Called Us to “Be” Something

  1. Ken, thanks for a great list! This goes into my special file for Bible lovers’ key tools. Blessings!


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